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Meet Ricky Jay and Mary Lou

Ricky was born and raised in the heart of Augusta. He worked part-time during his middle and high school years giving him the opportunity to gain excellent work ethics that he still possesses today. Ricky began his plumbing career in 1976, he realized he had found his niche in life. Ricky held a Master's Unrestricted License until the time of his passing in 2023.


Mary Lou, Ricky's Wife, Currently runs daily operations for Ricky Jay Plumbing.


Mary Lou and Ricky Jay


Meet the RickyJay Team

After Ricky's passing in 2023, the team here at Ricky Jay Plumbing decided to continue on in Ricky's memory and continue his legacy, which is exactly what Ricky wanted. Kyle Haakinson, our Plumbing Supervisor, has known Ricky for over 30 years and has taken over job management in Ricky's place. Blair Brown,our Office Manager, was trained by Ricky and worked alongside Ricky for many years doing plumbing. Our team here is happy to continue Plumbing The Ricky Jay Way; With Love, Laughter, and Kindness.

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